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 Our dance studio provides training that will benefit dancers of all ages and levels. We offer fun classes that develop, strengthen, and challenge dancers to execute technical skills and master grooves, resulting in dancers gaining self-confidence from studio to stage and dancer to performer. In addition, through life experiences, educated on the art of dance  by Mentors, Professionals, and Influencers.

Train with Top Choreographers and Professionals from the Entertainment Industry working in Film, Television, and Video. This program  aims to provide all it’s dancers every tool necessary, including the most relevant, and experienced faculty, to succeed as a professional in the dance world.

Whether you are acting for the very first time or you are a seasoned actor that needs a little extra polish for that next big audition, we are here to help you take those next steps. Our program offers all the training needed for TV/Film, and Commercials.


Our Studio

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Starborne Dance Studio is owned by an amazing couple, Peterson and Starkesha Thelisma who are two professional Industry Dancers, Choreographers and Artistic Directors. Their goal was to open an elevated dance studio that offered professional training. The dance studio is designed for all, and offers recreational, tuition, walk in and master classes for  those who are looking to get a kick start to starting a professional dance/commercial career. 

"We are a community studio and welcome all to connect with us. Our class structure prepare dancers for industry performances, auditions, competitions and concept videos to help with branding and promoting choreography and skills overall. This allow dancers to get the chance to work with directors, producers and pro choreographers. Our goal is to build you up so you can one day build up someone else. In addition, we have rental space for dance and cheer team as well as vendors with Inspire Charter Schools"

*Build Up Others, To Build Others Up*

- S.D.S. Owners