Starborne Dance Studio Description of Policies:


Cancellation Policy - As of January 1st, 2022 all dancers enrolled into Starborne Dance Studio must remain for the entire season, unless due to an out of our control issue or illness that caused the departure. Otherwise, must pay one month’s Tuition Rate Fee.

Student Removal Process- Students who have been permanently removed from Starborne Dance Studio, form of contact should be made by parent to studio owner. Start of the process begins with removal from forms of contact from student and upon request a statement of reason will be given to the parent.

No Refund Policy- Once any payment is made, after 3 days is considered Non-refundable.

Late Fee- Depending on late tuition will determine the fee. Late Fee can range from $35-One month’s Tuition.

Instructor or Student from another Studio Policy – Community Instructors and students are welcome to take any non-recreational class (i.e... Industry Classes) However, students must return back to his/her dance studio. If you are no longer associated with any studio and need a studio home, you are welcome to register. All Students who left the previous studio on bad terms, will be interviewed before registering.


Right is Right, Wrong is Wrong Policy – Parents, Staff, Students, All People must respect one another. Customer Service and Respect from Starborne Dance Studio will always be displayed, as well as staff will address all situations as soon as possible. There should be no written, verbal, physical, or cyber-attacks on anyone. All issues will be attempted to be resolved. A Mandatory meeting will be scheduled, rescheduled if necessary, or postponed until further notice, but within 7 days. Failure to meet within 10 days, will result in being Banned from Starborne Dance Studio.

Bullying - The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines bullying as repeated, unwanted, aggressive behavior toward a youth or group of youths that involves a power imbalance. It can include physical aggression (hitting, tripping, etc.), verbal aggression (name calling, teasing, etc.), or social aggression (spreading rumors, purposefully leaving a person out of group, etc.). Technology has further expanded the ability to behave aggressively through electronic bullying or cyberbullying. Any as such will not be tolerated. Starborne Dance Studio will do our best to help prevent Bullying and provide Resources for our students to learn to speak up. For more information to Prevent Bullying please visit www.Stop

Also ask about our Starborne Dance Studio Protection Plan and Bullying Assessment.

Refuse Policy- Starborne Dance Studio Has the right to refuse anyone who may cause harm or bring negative energy into our dance space.


Starborne Dance Studio is a diverse Industry Studio who welcome All People to come Dance in a safe and positive atmosphere.